What We Stand for

We at Deccan Engineering Enterprises, a firm with 35 intense years in the field of specialty body building have a history of delivering vehicles with superlative work done. We played a role in the Indian representation at the prestigious Hanover Trader Fare as far back as 1985. Always at the forefront, we were the first to install an L&T make combined dispensing unit on a vehicle with a PTO drive (hence providing the same reliability & accuracy of the regular Petrol Pump without an electric motor)

What are the core values which make Deccan Engineering the company it is?

100% Customer satisfaction ( Not 99%)
International Benchmarking
Continuous innovation and improvement
Keeping abreast with the latest developments in the industry
Long term gains rather than short term profits ( Reputation more important)
Maintenance of our high standards

100% Customer satisfaction ( Not 99%): We very strongly believe that the customer is the cause of our existence and hence go all out to give not just customer satisfaction but customer delight. E.g. Re-working of various applications on any vehicle at the behest of the customer to get it “just right” in spite of - in many cases - additional costs.


International Benchmarking: We have a reputation for making products of international standards, so much so that we became the Indian alternative to NGRI and GSI, Lucknow for their instrumentation cabins which were earlier being imported from abroad.
Instrumentation cabins of NGRI and GSI, Lucknow, which were being imported have been successfully fabricated by Deccan up to their impeccable standards, from way back in the early 80’s. Deccan has in fact become the Indian alternative to their hitherto imported specialty cabins.
We were also the first company to manufacture an import replacement Field Bunk house for the ONGC on our own way back in 1983.
Our speciality defence vehicles have already been exhibited in the International Air show at Bangalore, and the International Defence Trade Fare in Delhi.


Continuous innovation and improvement: The drastic change in the refueller profile from the first refueller made by us to the latest Reliance Refuellers is a snapshot of the steep learning curve we draw for ourselves at Deccan.


Keeping abreast with the latest developments in the industry: A complete change in the fabrication procedure for a tanker has resulted in saving as many as two weeks of time – time saved for us as well as our customers. We also possess the latest in PUF injection and spraying equipment for our refrigerated and air conditioned vehicles.


Long term gains rather than short term profits ( Reputation more important): Additional installation of a stronger transmission train on the refueller vehicles resulted in a temporary loss but in repeat order from the same delighted customer

Maintenance of our high standards: We passionately believe in maintaining a very high standard in all that we do that has incidentally resulted in our getting the reputed and much coveted MSQAA certification given very selectively by the esteemed Ministry of Defence. Adding yet another voice to this are the numerous vehicles manufactured for the Ministry of Defence, from the Cable laying vehicle for the prestigious Prithvi Missile to the mobile field operation theatre for the 7th Regiment of the army, to the mounted radars for LRDE, Bangalore, to name a few.

We are an ISO 9001:2000 company, which further enunciates our dedication to quality". With over 2000 vehicles to our credit, Deccan vehicles on the road today carry a combined payload of 20,000 tons which is equal to the total tons of grain donated by Russia for the Tsunami hit countries!!

This website showcases a sample of the different types of works we have done for various organisations across the country. Do look through and whatever your queries or needs, do feel free to contact us for as we’ve said, you are our very reason for existence.


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